Some Basic Rules Of Axe Throwing In Washington, DC

Although an old game, axe throwing in Washington, DC has become increasingly popular. Many people including you can now enjoy this once traditional outdoor game. Today, this game has grown into one of the fun-packed competitive and leisure games in the US.

Although it used to be a traditional game, it has been commercialized. In Washington, DC, it is now being played in well-built indoor facilities across the State.

What is axe throwing?

Axe throwing in Washington, DC is a competitive sport. It involves you throwing an axe with the aim to hit a target. As a competitor, your target is to strike with precision the bull’s eye. Although this game is like the game of dart throwing, it has its rules.

Some basic rules of axe throwing

Axe throwing involves the use of a weapon that has potentials to cause harm. The truth is; axe throwing is a dangerous sport. So, it is necessary to take caution and stay safe when you take part in the sport. Here are a few rules that will guide you while playing axe throwing in Washington, DC.

1) Age requirement

The truth is; age is not seen as a number for the sport of axe throwing. The world body governing the game has set an age limit for participants. According to this body, you must be between the ages of 18-21 years to take part in axe throwing. This restriction ensures you can handle an axe and play the game following laid down rules.

2) Warm-up

As a participant, you can have up to 5 warm-up throws before your first game. More so, you are allowed to have 1 practice throw before the start of your new matches.

3) Quality of target

The blade of an axe is made from steel. So, the world body governing axe throwing insists on using woods with good quality as targets. Such wood must be drenched with water so the axe can stick on it when hit. So, during play, you must observe if the target is of good wood quality and drenched with water.

4) Gameplay

As a player of axe throwing in Washington, DC, you are entitled to 5 throws in every match. That is; you must make 5 axe throws towards the designated target. You will only emerge as a winner if you have the highest points after 10 throws from each participant. If there is a tie between participants, the game continues via sudden death until a winner emerges. In this situation, you can only become the winner if you get the highest points.

5) Techniques in axe throwing

Axe throwing in Washington, DC is not as simple as you see it. It involves a lot of techniques and goes beyond you picking an axe to throw for points. It requires you to know the basics of the sport. Whether you are playing in a competition or for fun, it requires a lot of strategies. The basic technique is; you must make one rotation in every throw you make.