What's It Cost?

We charge by the person to reserve an arena for your group. Arenas have 2 targets and hold between 6-12 people for a 2.5 hour session ($39.99/pp). Groups of between 12-24 people will play on 2 arenas for a 2.5 session ($35.99/pp).

what are the minimum and maximum group sizes for events?

The minimum group size to play is 2 people, however the minimum charge to book a lane is for 6 people. The maximum group size is 100 people.

Hours of operation?

Hours are posted on our homepage, if you have a special event we can open on/off hour for Private Groups.

How do i pay?

Bookings are through our website, all reservations must be made and paid in advance. Walk-ins can pay at time of play.

Do I need to book in advance?

You should book 2-4 weeks before your event for larger groups. We will accept walk-ins for smaller groups, date nights, and league practice once we open our facility fully in Winter 2018.

How long is the axe throwing experience?

Our most popular experience is 2.5 hours for larger groups. Walk-ins are typically done on an hour-by-hour basis.

I want to plan a date night around this, can I do that?

Yes. You can either book an arena all to yourself (Note: you'll have to cover the group minimum for the lane of 6 people), or you can do a walk-in and share the arena lanes with other people.

What can I wear? And what can't I wear?

Our pop-up experiences tend to be outside, so dress for the weather. We have heat and fans, but we recommend wearing cool clothes when it’s hot and warm clothes when it’s cold. Something comfortable to move around in is best. EVERYONE MUST HAVE CLOSE TOE SHOES TO PARTICIPATE!

Do you provide all of the equipment that I need?

We supply the targets, the axes, and a Axe Master (coach). All you need is a Kraken good attitude to enjoy yourself.

Can kids do this?

All of our pop-up experiences are currently 21+. Once our retail facility is open in early 2018, we will have times available for 14+.

Can we take pictures or videos while we are there?

Of course, as long as you tag our social media handles @krakenaxes #krakenaxes!

Is there an axe-throwing league?

Duh. Of course! We’re ready to launch our leagues in early 2018, and we will be running them year round. Jump on our email list and get ready to join one today!

What are the rules of the game?

Games are played 1-on-1, each player gets 5 throws. Each throw is worth between 1-5 points based on accuracy. The highest score wins. Best of 3 games wins the match.

What should I do if I need to cancel my reservation?

We require a 48 hour cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund on your deposit.

Can we bring in food from outside?

Nope, our facility has food and beverage available on-site for purchase.

Is there an age limit?


Can we bring our own axes?

Nope and Nope. We do include the use of our axes in the cost of the event.

Do you sell gift certificates?

Do Kraken’s live in the sea? Of course they do, and YES of course we sell gift cards. Follow THIS LINK to send the ultimate gift to a friend or family member today!

Do you play music in the venue?

All of our pop-up experiences will have entertainment from a live band, DJ, or highly-vetted iPod. When our facility opens in early 2018, you'll be able to battle for control of the JukeBox, but the tunes will rage on.

Will someone show us how to throw before we play?

Every event includes an Axe Master that teaches you how to throw, but coaches you as you go along to improve your throwing skills.

Are outside spectators allowed to watch?

They are, but space is limited. We allow up to 3 folks to join a group as a spectator.

Is it safe?

As with any endeavor there are risks, however axe-throwing arenas have been around for decades without any major injuries. Our Axe Masters are around to ensure everyone is following the rules and walks out injury free.