Where Can I Have Fun? Try Kraken Ax Throwing!

Farewell to the loud and raucous bars with no fun. This year, fun loving people will certainly have their bucket loads of uber fun. That’s right, there are establishments that offer you the platform to hurl hatchets and axes at wooden targets in a relaxed arena and also look out for your safety.

The act of hurling an ax into wood and trusting it hits a target is as old as taverns; however, it's fairly new as a "game." Unsurprisingly, its present status as indoor recreational movement started in Canada. Matt Wilson from Toronto, propelled by the fun that happened when given a hatchet, a tree, some lager, and sheer boredom, in 2016 he established the Backyard Ax Throwing League (BATL). The BATL spread ax tossing establishments all through Ontario, and in 2016, Matt Wilson founded the National Ax Throwing Federation (NATF).

And now, maybe due to the fact there’s quite a bit to admire about Canada at the present time, the U.S. is catching on. Right here’s everything you must know about the trend taking over bars and warehouses, and certainly in a city close to you.

An Kraken ax-throwing bar is an indoor area designed to enable men and women to throw axes or hatchets at wooden target. Usually drinks and food are served.

Ax throwing is a sport with Olympic yearnings (the NATF holds a title yearly with institutionalized ideas and guidelines), surprisingly some axe-throwing establishments have similarities with bowling alleys but have a first come, first serve basis. Kraken Ax, for instance, offers private throwing lanes, reservation for groups, events, even mobile events and leagues.

All Kraken ax-throwing venues have experts readily available to teach newbies how to throw (there are lots of throwing techniques, after all), and then if it’s an ax-throwing league, they can also learn the formal rules of the sport. However ax-throwing is only as competitive as you want it to be. Basically, it’s no different from darts, just extreme!

Who can play the game?

Just about anyone can learn to hurl a hatchet. Kraken Ax has an age limit of 21+ but allows private bookings for ax-throwing enthusiasts under the age of 21

Ax-throwing venues are suitable for team group events, guys’ night out, bachelorette and bachelor events and company retreats. Ax-throwing venues are also perfect for people who would like a new indoor game.

Is Axe Throwing Dangerous?

Not when you are under the supervision of Kraken Ax throwing masters who are trained to keep you safe and prevent mishandling of the hatchets. Ax-throwing arenas have been around a long time with very practically few injuries. All you need to worry about is hitting the bulls’ eye.

How to Play the Game?

There are competitions which are really fun especially at Kraken Ax such as a Round Robin style competition in which two player compete by tossing their axes at a time

There’s also the game where players can compete against each other by tossing one axe 5 times, one throw at a time, and the player who scores the highest point wins.

And the league is another competition that holds every night. The game is played by players who toss their axe and try to advance to the next round until a winner emerges.